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च्यवनप्राश (Chyawanprash)
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A Traditional Indian Bioactive Health Supplement

Benefits: Used as one of the best Nutrient to body and mind. It builds overall Health and Immunity due to its adapto-immuno-neuro-endocrino-modulator properties. It is one of the best Brain Tonic / Nootropic, Improves memory. Chyavanprash is also highly beneficial in Cough, Asthma, Debility due to chest injury, Hoarseness of voice, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Heart disease, Digestive impairment, Disease of thorax, Gout, Thirst, Urinary diseases, Improves motility of semen, blood circulation and Senility (anti-aging).

Indications: General Weakness, Cough, Digestive impairment, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Heart disease, Fast ageing, Memory weakening or loss, Voice hoarseness, Vitiation of semen, Vata and Pitta dosha.

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