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Importance of Single Herb


The single herbs have been in use since time immemorial by the Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctors), Ayurveda experts as well as at homes in India.

The single herbs have been used in the form of powder (Churna). This experiment has been very successful. However, the concentration of the medicine is imperative for the desired effect and success for which the quantity of the powder (Churna) obviously used to be a major question to address.

Actually, the amount of the powder (Churna) used as medicine was never palatable and acceptable to the patient on account of its bitter, pungent taste. This issue led to the thought of using the medicinal/herbal extract (Jadi-Buti Ghansatva) and the same proved to be very effective and convenient for the ayurvedic practioners and experts. Patients too responded positively with herbal extracts because of its palatability and convenience.

Now patients need not go for the major quantity of the herbs powder (Churna), instead a tablet or capsule with 250 or 500 mg concentration is enough to achieve desired therapeutic effects.

Currently approximately 250 such single herb medicinal extracts are used in Ayurveda practice and these are substantiated by ten thousand research papers that appeared on these herbal extracts.

This itself is testimony of the importance and practical use of single herbs, its effectiveness and its rising importance in treating different ailments in Ayurveda practice.