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गोक्षुरादि गुग्गुलु (Gokshuradi Guggulu)
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Highly beneficial in TreatingRenal Calculi & UTI

Benefits: Acts as an anti-lithiatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, anti-hypertensive, anti-gout, analgesic, muscle relaxant and adaptogenic Supports Kidney health, prostate health, reproductive system in both males & females. Helps to maintain a healthy urinary system, support sperms health in males, maintain a healthy metabolism, remove toxins from the system. Also used in the treatment of gall bladder disorder, Kidney disease, corpulence (obesity) and skin disorders.

Indications: Kidney ailments, prostate, reproductive disorder in both males & females, UTI, sperms health, metabolism disorder, toxins, treatment of gall bladder, corpulence (obesity) and skin disorder, renal calculi, reduced urine formation, burning sensation while urinating

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