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अभयारिष्ट चूर्ण (Abhayarishta Churna)
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Effective in Piles & Chronic Constipation

Benefits: Abhayarishta is a potent ayurvedic concoction. increases peristaltic movements of intestine and helps in bowel movement. It is used for treating a myriad of ailments and provide excellent relief in piles, fistula dysuria, flatulence, anuria, gas and abdominal distension and fissure. Improves appetite, digestion, reduces habit of hard stool and is an excellent rejuvenator for digestive system.

Indications: Piles, fistula, dysuria, flatulence, anuria, gas and abdominal distension, fissure, abdominal bloating, loss of appetite, indigestIon, hard stool/ constipation and abdominal heaviness after consuming food.

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